Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you provide free consultations?

A: No, I do not provide free consultations.  Your consultation is an opportunity for me review your immigration case, provide you with advice based on the information you have provided to me, and give you possible options you may have moving forward.  This is a valuable service which takes time and research.  You are paying for this service with your consultation fee.  

Q: What are your rates for an immigration case?

A: Though some lawyers charge by the hour, I generally charge a flat fee for my services.  Because of this I cannot give an easy estimate of how much I will charge for your immigration case until I discuss your case with you and know what services I can provide.  Rates vary based on the amount of work that must be performed and the level of complication of your immigration case.

Q: Can I just fill out the immigration form for my case by myself? 

A: Though some forms seem very straight forward and simple to fill out, many of the questions asked in the form are directly related to a provision of the law.  Also a question that may seem easy may actually require more thought and understanding of the context of the question.  Attorneys have a knowledge and understanding of the law and the information that the government is seeking that will help prevent you from making mistakes or leaving out important information that could damage or delay your case.  

Q: Where can I find information about my immigration options and/or my immigration case?  

A:  On the Links page I have provided a list of links to important government websites where you can either research your options for your immigration case or find information on the status of your case if it is pending.  I always encourage my clients to consult me or other knowledgeable attorneys when they have any questions though.  One of the many reasons I enjoy doing my job is that I feel that it is vital that my clients understand and are engaged in their immigration cases.

Disclaimer:  These questions and answers are for reference only.  They do not constitute legal advice.